Together with Sparks & Wiry Cries, re-sung is proud to present the UK's *first* songSLAM. London songSLAM is a unique competition for emerging composer/performer teams to premiere new art song. In the poetry-slam tradition, audience members vote on their favorite performances. 


£2,100 in cash prizes will be awarded:

£1,200 for first place, £600 for second place and £300 for third place.


Click HERE for complete rules and information for the London songSLAM.


Due to COVID-19, our event will be rescheduled for Autumn 2020

at St. John the Divine, Kennington, 92 Vassall Rd, London SW9 6JA.

Team registration is £15 GBP for the first London songSLAM and will take place HERE (click the link when live). Please note that traditionally, slots tend to fill up in under 30 minutes. Teams will be announced by email no later than one week after registration closes. Unsuccessful teams will have their registration money refunded.

Click HERE to purchase tickets when the link is live for the London songSLAM.